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The Perfect Chocolate Cake

Here at ets pr we love our food, we really do. Although we do need to point out that we are balanced with our food intake to our exercise ratio – as much as we can be!

So earlier in the year we had a question – ‘What is the best chocolate cake recipe?’ The question came up as we had been asked as a favour to a friend’s mother to cook a cake for her daughter’s birthday celebrations. The daughter LOVES chocolate cake.

A whole load of research took place – reading through the libraries of cookbooks we have, internet research, magazine research and we even went to some of our trusted media contacts to ask them. We found some great recipes and received some great recommendations.

Would it be a classic Delia Smith recipe, would we hedge our bets and go for a more modern one from Ottolenghi or one of the recent winners/runners up of the Great British Bake Off? Should we attempt the River Café’s Chocolate Nemesis? There was only one way to find out. A shortlist of three recipes was created – including a trusted family favourite and two others.

Taste testing was a very difficult process but we managed to get through it. The only downside was watching our office dog’s face when she realised that she wouldn’t be getting a slice of any of them. Poor Suzy doesn’t realise that proper chocolate is in no way good for her.

So – which cake won? It was a recipe from the trusted and much loved BBC Good Food website by Angela Nilsen. The recipe is called Ultimate Chocolate Cake – and we couldn’t have agreed more when we got to taste it. It’s a rich, dense chocolate cake with a chocolate ganache icing that is incredibly indulgent. ‘Lucious’, ‘So chocolatey’ and ‘Chocolate Heaven’ were words used to describe it.

But what of the reaction from the birthday girl who it was for? Well, to say it went down a storm would be an understatement. A successful bake, and so successful that our MD baked it for his mum’s birthday celebrations a few weeks later. The image on this post is taken from that – with the addition of a large volcano style candle from Waitrose.

Why did this recipe work over all the others? It was a combination of a carefully thought out recipe that used simple but good ingredients (it used four bars of 70% cocoa chocolate), trusting the recipe when making it and taking the time to make it properly and not rush it. 

Follow the link to try it. We hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as we and friends/family did!

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